‘Scandal’ Star: Trump Is Scarier Than Anything On My Show [VIDEO]

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Kerry Washington says the real election is scarier than any of the story lines or things they deal with on her hit show, “Scandal.”

The actress told The Hollywood Reporter that the Trump-like character on her show is not nearly as outrageous as the real Donald Trump.

“I think in terms of the current election, it’s interesting, because you know, Shonda [Rhimes] and the writers decided to kind of bring a Trump-like character onto the show,” Washington said. “He’s actually a character that has already existed on the show, but to have him run.”

“There have been times where we all thought, oh we can’t say that, it’s too outrageous,” she added. “We can’t say that, it’s too outrageous, even for our show, which is called ‘Scandal’ — so not much is outrageous. And the reality of what’s going on in the world is far, far scarier than anything we could begin to put on our show.”

“I’m very concerned about this election,” she continued. “I’m very concerned. And about things that in the beginning almost seemed funny and non-sensical and they are not funny anymore. ”

“It’s really scary, it’s really scary,” she added.

The stars of “Scandal” last month helped raise money for Hillary Clinton. Tickets ran $5,000 per person to meet the cast members, according to a report in Time.