Feminist Icon: Dems ‘Who Prophesy A Hillary Landslide Over Trump Are Blowing Smoke’

Christian Datoc | Breaking News and Engagement Editor

In her most recent column for Salon.com, feminist icon Camille Paglia called predictions that Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump in a landslide nothing more than hot air.

Paglia, a vocal Bernie Sanders supporter, called Trump’s total lack of political experience “highly worrisome,” yet explained how his “bumptious, raucous, smash-the-cucumber-frames style” makes him an extremely difficult opponent for an entrenched, establishment candidate — Hillary Clinton — to defeat. (RELATED: Paglia — I Was Wrong About Trump)

“In a powder-keg world, erratic impulsiveness is far down the list of optimal presidential traits,” stated Paglia. “But the Democratic strategists who prophesy a Hillary landslide over Trump are blowing smoke.”

Hillary is a stodgily predictable product of the voluminous briefing books handed to her by a vast palace staff of researchers and pollsters—a staggeringly expensive luxury not enjoyed by her frugal, unmaterialistic opponent, Bernie Sanders (my candidate). Trump, in contrast, is his own publicist, a quick-draw scrapper and go-for-the-jugular brawler. He is a master of the unexpected…

The massive size of Hillary’s imperialist operation makes her seem slow and heavy. Trump is like a raffish buccaneer, leaping about the rigging like the breezy Douglas Fairbanks or Errol Flynn, while Hillary is the stiff, sequestered admiral of a bullion-laden armada of Spanish galleons, a low-in-the-water easy mark as they creak and sway amid the rolling swells.

This isn’t the first time Paglia has openly criticized Clinton.

In January, she explained how Clinton’s heavy reliance on a “blame-men-first” brand of feminism would come back to haunt her in November’s general election. (RELATED: Paglia RIPS Clintons’ Patronizing Tone Toward Men)

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