Louisiana Senate Amendment Would Limit Stripper Weight


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A joke amendment to a Louisiana Senate bill proposed to limit strippers’ weights to 160 pounds and cap the age at 28.

According to WBRZ News, Senate Bill 468 was designed to ban strip clubs that served alcohol from hiring performers under the age of 21.

Louisiana Rep. Kenneth E. Havard proposed an amendment that would also place parameters on the age of strippers to be “between twenty-one and twenty-eight years of age and shall be no more than one hundred and sixty pounds in weight.”

Havard introduced the bill as a joke, according to The Advocate. “I offer up this amendment as part of keeping I guess the spirit alive of trimming the fat,” Havard said on the floor.

Louisiana Rep. Nancy Landry asked Havard, “Are you saying that women over 28 or over a certain weight are not fit to be dancers or strippers?”

Havard replied, “No ma’am, I’m just worried about their health and I wouldn’t want them to hurt one another.”

Landry replied that she found the amendment “offensive,” to which Havard immediately pulled the amendment.

In an interview later, Havard said that he didn’t regret the joke, adding, “It was meant as a poke that we’re over-regulating everything around here… It was a joke, that’s why I pulled it. But it was satire to say, ‘Hey, when are we going to stop over-regulating everything.'”

Currently, the SB468 is pending Senate concurrence.

According to the State of Obesity report, Louisiana is the fourth fattest state in America. Arkansas is the fattest, followed by West Virginia and Mississippi.


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