PETA Is HOPPING MAD Because Some High School Kids Jumped Rope With Cat Intestines [VIDEO]

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is hopping mad again — this time because some kids at a San Antonio high school jumped rope with cat intestines during a lesson about the apparently amazing strength of cat intestines.

Was the impressive cat-intestines-jump-roping feat captured on mobile phone video and then shared on Snapchat? You bet it was!

The incident occurred earlier this month at Winston Churchill High School in San Antonio, reports local ABC affiliate KSAT-TV.


A school district spokeswoman noted that jumping rope with cat intestines was actually part of the teacher’s lesson plan.

“The lesson was intended to demonstrate and explore the strength of the organ,” school district spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor told KSAT. “The teacher participated in this same lesson in her college courses at Texas A&M.”

Chancellor said the teacher will stop teaching all lessons that involve jumping rope with cat intestines, at least for the time being.

The teacher and the students who got to experience cat-intestines-rope-skipping will not be punished.

“If we can find a lesson that is equally effective as this one and doesn’t offend people in the process, we’re going to call it a win-win,” Chancellor told the ABC station.

The animal-rights activists at PETA aren’t happy.

“Studies show that classroom animal dissection can foster callousness toward living beings, and these gruesome ‘jump rope’ videos are a particularly sad example,” PETA spokeswoman Marta Holmberg said in a statement obtained by San Antonio CBS affiliate KENS. “PETA is calling on Winston Churchill High School to teach its students to respect life and science by replacing crude and cruel animal dissection with humane and effective non-animal teaching methods.”

PETA activists don’t want students studying actual cat intestines — or the various any long-dead animals — at all. Instead, they want students to view cat innards and various other dissections virtually.

Chancellor said another high school tried virtual dissection, but it didn’t work because of problems with the computer network.

Noting that the dead cats were not hurt when their intestines were jump-roped, students at Winston Churchill say they don’t think PETA’s complaints are warranted.

“I value every animal life and would never engage in any activity that I believed would be disrespectful to the animals I am examining,” one student who was in the class said, according to KSAT.

PETA strives very hard to be in the news about its perpetual state of outrage.

Last year, for example, the animal rights group demanded that the state of Florida outlaw the American rite of passage of dissecting dead frogs because of a short video showing a high school teacher juggling dead frogs. (RELATED: PETA Is FURIOUS Because A High School Teacher Juggled Dead Frogs, You Guys)

Also in 2015, PETA demanded the construction of a roadside memorial commemorating the deaths of several hundred chickens which died in the aftermath of a semi-trailer truck crash in Saskatchewan. The deceased poultry shrine would have honored the deaths of a large number chickens who breathed their last during a wreck on a desolate stretch of highway between two obscure Canadian towns. (RELATED: PETA Seeks Roadside Memorial For Chickens Killed In Crash)

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