Republican Establishment: Join The New Party Or Say Goodbye

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Mike Siegel Host, The Mike Siegel Show
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The Republican establishment embodies the definition of hypocrisy. This includes the elite alleged political leaders as well as the elite pundits.

What has this alleged purist conservative group accomplished? They laid down for Barack Obama when Paul Ryan gave him everything he wanted in the last budget, including funds for the Syrian refugees who cannot be properly vetted. Does that sound like a conservative?

Jeb Bush and Lindsay Graham promised to support the republican nominee. So much for that promise.

John Boehner gave Obama $4.1 trillion in additional national debt between 2011 and 2014. Does that sound like a conservative?

Mitch McConnell refused to bust the filibuster rule as Harry Reid had done and therefore did nothing about Obamacare or the executive memos on immigration that are unconstitutional.

In the meantime, these elitists continue to take major funding for their campaigns and campaigns of “moderate” republicans who support the reprehensible trade agreements that have resulted in huge increases in trade imbalance with South Korea, China and Mexico.

We actually have better trade value with countries that are not part of NAFTA, KORUS, or other agreements.

We lost 800,000 jobs since NAFTA was passed in 1992 with all the living presidents supporting that agreement to the detriment of the American worker. To his credit, House Minority Leader Richard Gephardt opposed that deal to protect American manufacturing jobs and blue collar workers.

Mitt Romney was a suspect conservative, and in fact, listeners to my talk program in Boston at the time he ran for president, called to complain about him being a RINO and not a real Republican. He also had illegal aliens working on the landscape of his home while he was governor! A true conservative, right?

The pundits are no better. George Will wants Trump beaten at any cost. His voice in the wilderness is meaningless and pathetic in his lack of influence, but it does show the hypocrisy of this punditocracy.

Was it OK with George Will that Boehner gave the 4.1 trillion in additional national debt to Obama? Was it OK that Ryan gave Obama everything he wanted in the last budget? Was it OK that McConnell and Boehner did nothing about getting a bill passed to reject the immigration executive memos by Obama?

And how about the holier than thou crowd at National Review? They want Trump gone at all costs. Who in their opinion actually has carried out conservative principles as a republican leader since Ronald Reagan? The only one I can think of is Speaker Newt Gingrich.

President George W. Bush had the highest deficits of any president in history to that point. Obama, of course, has had more deficits and national debt than all prior presidents combined.

The irony that the Republican primaries demonstrated that the people with the true power, the sovereigns within the party, decided to define their party in a new and refreshing way. The pundits and Republican establishment will go kicking and screaming, but they will be gone. Then their bread and butter from the multinationals, U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other special interests will be gone.

Welcome to reality folks. The system worked and the people have decided. You can become part of the new Republican party or crawl into your idealistic cave.