Texas AG Prepares For Possible Legal Battle Against Obama’s Transgender Decree

REUTERS/Jonathan Drake

Mary Lou Lang Contributor
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The Texas attorney general is prepared to represent school boards and potentially sue the Obama administration if they adopt policies opposing the president’s transgender bathroom decree.

“I’ve been meeting with people across the state, and I’m hearing the same thing. Parents across party lines, socioeconomic lines, and ethnic lines—they are concerned about the safety of their children,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in a phone interview with The Daily Caller.

When asked if Title IX protects “gender identity” as indicated in the Obama administration’s decree to schools last week, Paxton said, “No. I think they made it up.”

In addition, Paxton indicated the president does not “have the authority” to change Title IX.

School districts have now been told by the top law enforcement official in the Lone Star state that his office will stand by them if they adopt policies opposing Obama’s transgender decree.

If local school boards approve such policies, the attorney general said he will sue the Obama administration if they try to stop the policies.

“If they attempt to withhold funding, we’ll certainly sue,” said Paxton.

“We’re not going to let them get away with this,” Paxton said, adding “they don’t have the authority to do this.”

“We are trying to let the school boards know they have options,” said Paxton. The attorney general alluded to local school boards which right now are considering such policies. When asked which school boards are considering policies opposing the decree he declined to name them.

However, Paxton did tell TDC, “we’ll see some of them adopting policies and will see some of that in the near future.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if one happens next week,” added Paxton.

The decree “is a solution in search of a problem. There’s nothing in this policy telling us why we’re doing this,” he said.

Paxton explained that the decree would have a “massive impact” and could have men and boys who “can take advantage of the policy.” It would also be putting children — in particular girls — at risk, he believes.

“This is one of the riskiest policies instituted by a president,” said Paxton, “I’ve never seen anything like this, putting children at risk in schools.”

Paxton has been vocal in the past several weeks protesting the president’s transgender decree. Last week, he showed his support with parents protesting the Fort Worth Independent School District superintendent’s policy giving transgender students the right to use a bathroom with which they feel comfortable, reports the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

The attorney general also waded into discount retailer Target’s decision earlier this month to allow transgender individuals to use a restroom that correlates with their gender identity, according to Fox News.

He asked the retailer to disclose how it planned to protect women and children in bathrooms and fitting rooms.

As of Friday, Paxton said he has not heard from Target. “Unfortunately, they have not given us a response,” he said.