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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Not Too Thrilled With Howard Stern’s Interviewing Skills

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN “New Day” host Chris Cuomo engages almost anyone who writes him on Twitter and doesn’t seem to have any specific rules about what he can and cannot say. He gets defensive. He blushes when someone calls him attractive.  This morning he announced that he drinks Synergy Organic Kambucha in Gingerberry flavor as a snack. His views run the gamut, but he generally doesn’t kiss up to anyone.

This weekend he ripped on Howard Stern, who is the God of interviews.



“You ever heard a Howard Stern interview?” follower Joe Fileppi asked. “”Thats best in biz.”

Cuomo disagreed.

“They can be entertaining. Sometimes. But not the most useful q/a I have heard, no.”

Would be great if Stern raised the issue of Cuomo’s feelings about him on his show.

Or better yet, invite Cuomo and let them flesh out new interviewing techniques.