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Quote of the Day:

“He got a ton of media coverage — cover of Philly Daily News. And that was after he apologized!

WaPo‘s Dave Weigel on former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell apologizing for his “ugly women in America” remark in Weigel’s recent story.



This journo has a very important question

“Is it a good or bad sign that two separate PR folks pitching me in last 5 days mistakenly thought I write for @Politico or @DailyCaller?” — Washington Examiner‘s Rudy Takala. The answer: The Daily Caller is a good sign but Politico is iffy.

Ex-Politico labor reporter Mike Elk is broke

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Blogger blasts HuffPost 

“I have to laugh when people call HuffPo journalism: they hire a reporter with a huge bias against her subject.” —  The Cable Gamer.

Convo Between Two Journos That Involves Nuts 

This is bordering on “5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week.” 

Angelo is the CEO of New York Post; Klein is managing editor of Washington Examiner and Swift is the deputy online manager for The Weekly Standard. 

Jesse Angelo: Serious question: who the hell eats the roast street nuts? I have literally never seen anyone buy or consume.

Philip Klein: I have. Honey roasted peanuts, warm in those wax paper bags, are great.

Jim Swift: Europeans.

Cavs playoffs could fuck up GOP convention planning…. Read here.

Bloomberg View loses Josh Rogin to WaPo 

“Very excited to be joining the great team at the Washington Post as columnist covering foreign policy.” — Josh Rogin, who is also a political analyst at CNN.

Supreme Court Justice refuses to take a selfie 

“Clarence Thomas shook his head at me. ‘No Sir,’ the Justice grumbled, ‘Selfies set a bad precedent. I don’t take them.’ He paused, turned back to me, raised his arms & cracked, ‘Who wants to see a photo of me this early anyhow?’ The Justice strode off toward the Supreme Court, followed by a half-dozen dutiful law clerks, clearly amused at how badly their Boss had shut me down.” — IJReview‘s Benny Johnson.

Reporter has spooky experience with her iPhone6s 

“So I’m sitting at my desk doing a (landline) phone interview for a story, and suddenly my iphone 6s starts talking to me, frantically looking something up. Anyone ever had that happen?” — Julie Rovner, senior correspondent, Kaiser Health News.

Piers Morgan reveals his opinion of the n-word 

“Paul’s wrong, Oprah’s right. Nobody should use it.” — Daily Mail‘s Morgan, referring to Paul McCartney defending Kanye West‘s use of the n-word and Oprah Winfrey saying it should never be used.

Who received a Gracie Award? 

“Holy shit, congrats to @lizzieohreally, one of the smoothest voices on the radio!” — BuzzFeed‘s John Stanton.