RUMSPRINGA! Troopers Bust Minivan Packed With Drinking, Smoking Amish Teens GOING 110 MPH

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A pair of Indiana State Police troopers arrested five Amish teenagers on Friday night after clocking the quintet hurling down U.S. 31 in a Dodge minivan at an impressive 110 miles per hour.

The state cops gave chase, not least because the speed limit on that particular stretch of road in Fulton County is 60 mph, reports Fort Wayne CBS affiliate WANE-TV.

The state troopers say they watched the teens tossing alcoholic beverages out of the minivan during their hot pursuit.

Eventually, when the teens pulled over, the state troopers searched the car and found a big bottle of whiskey and some cases of beer.

Also, the cops observed, the minivan reeked of alcohol.

The 17-year-old driver had a learner’s driving permit, the troopers said.

The passengers in the minivan included two 16-year-old males and two females, 16 and 17.

The state cops socked the driver with a bevy of charges: reckless driving, speeding, littering and operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level between 0.02 and 0.08 percent while under age 21. They cops slapped the unidentified driver with a charge of unlawful possession of tobacco as well.

The two other males in the car face charges for underage drinking and underage tobacco possession. (RELATED: Indiana Amish Man Charged In Sexting A 12-Year-Old After Driving Horse And Buggy To Police Sting)

The two females in the car face underage drinking charges.

State police ultimately released the teens into the custody of relatives. There was some difficulty locating the kids’ parents, WANE-TV notes, because the parents have no telephones.

The troopers of the Indiana State Police are no stranger to the news. (RELATED: ACLU Lawsuit: Indiana State Trooper Pulled Over Driver, Preached Jesus)

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