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Everybody’s Excited To Watch Hillary Team Up With The Lady Ghostbusters

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It’s just two more months until the premiere of the all-new, all-vagina Ghostbusters! Are you ready? Of course you’re ready. Lots and lots of people want to see this movie, which by all indications will be funny and scary and good.

And as we all know, Hillary Clinton ain’t ‘fraid of no patriarchy. That’s why she’s appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow, as are the Lady Ghostbusters.

I’m really excited, and you’d better be excited too. You wouldn’t want someone to accuse you of triggering him, her, and/or xer, would you?

Guess who else is excited? Sony Pictures! They’ve got a lot riding on Ghostbusters Don’t Need No Stinky Boys With Cooties, and they’re super-pumped about this. Michael Cieply and Brooks Barnes, NYT:

To the surprise of Sony, Ms. DeGeneres announced on May 17 that her talk show had booked Mrs. Clinton — a friend, political ally and repeated past guest — to appear Wednesday on an episode for which she had already scheduled the “Ghostbusters” stars Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon…

But the not-quite-joint appearance came as less-than-welcome news to Sony, whose marketing team has been fighting to tamp down what it sees as a misogynistic, Internet-based assault on the movie…

[NOTE: It’s misogynistic not to like this movie, or even the idea of this movie, because they’re all women. Same goes for the idea of Hillary Clinton as president. That’s how it works.]

In a statement, Tom Rothman, chairman of the Sony motion pictures group, made light of the film’s brush with politics. “All this attention is great, but I hope they realize that Slimer is not a registered voter,” Mr. Rothman said of those with an eye on the “Ellen” appearance.

“Not a registered voter,” ha ha ha ha. See? These guys and gals (mostly gals) are hilarious! But in all seriousness, Slimer is definitely voting, because he’s both dead and a Democrat.

Anybody who still has doubts about voting for Hillary Clinton in November, or going to see Dickless Ghostbusters in July, will definitely be swayed by seeing them both on the favorite daytime talkshow of every true Ghostbusters fan. Whether it’s entertainment or politics, people like to be scolded.

Transgender bathrooms, dogs and cats living together… that’s Utopia!