The Books You Need To Read To Be Part Of Andrew Luck’s Book Club

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Andrew Luck, the star quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, is a nerd. First of all, he went to Stanford, which is a nerdy school. Secondly, he loves the “Game of Thrones” books so much that he refuses to watch the TV show. This dude really likes to read.

In fact, Andrew Luck is such a nerd that he started his own book club, aptly called the Andrew Luck Book Club. In his introduction video to the club, Luck explains: “My friends, family and teammates often ask me for suggestions for books to read, and I’m more than happy to share titles with them.” So he started a book club.

As for the format of the roundtable, the reading list always includes two titles: one for “rookies” (a book that Luck enjoyed reading as a kid) and one for “veterans” (a book Luck is currently reading).

The book club just started a month ago, so they are still on their first selections.

The adults, or “veterans,” are reading “The Boys in the Boat,” subtitled “Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.” In this New York Times No. 1 bestseller, a rowing team from the American West fights against all odds in Nazi Germany. Whether you want to participate Andrew Luck’s book club or not, Daniel James Brown’s account is a must read for every fans of sport and student of history.

"The Boys in the Boat" is a must read (Photo via Amazon)

There really isn’t any excuse for not reading “The Boys in the Boat” (Photo via Amazon)

“The Boys in the Boat” — $10.11 Paperback/$17.23 Hardcover

The “rookies,” for their part, are currently reading “Maniac Magee,” a young adult classic by Jerry Spinelli.

"Maniac Magee" is the first book for rookies in the #ALBookClub (Photo via Amazon)

“Maniac Magee” is the first book for rookies in the #ALBookClub (Photo via Amazon)

“Maniac Magee” — $6.95 Paperback/$15.25 Hardcover

To “join” the Andrew Luck book club, all you have to do is read the books and talk about them on social media using the hashtag #ALBookClub. Or you can read the books and not tweet about them, while still feeling a kinship with Andrew Luck. Or you can just read the books and forget about Andrew Luck altogether.

Just make sure never to come between a nerd and his books.

WATCH Luck’s Introduction to His Book Club:

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