Va. Governor Denies Wrongdoing, Tells FBI ‘They’re Entitled To Do An Investigation’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe responded to the report that he’s under federal investigation for campaign finance violations by denying any wrongdoing and claiming it “has nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation.”

During a press gaggle in Boyce, Virginia on Tuesday, McAuliffe claimed, “There’s no allegations of wrongdoing. They’re entitled to do an investigation. As I say, it relates to this donor, a valid donor, had been a green card holder since 2007, and, you know, we fully vetted him.” (RELATED: VA Gov. Terry McAuliffe Under Investigation For Campaign Violations)

McAuliffe claimed that he was unaware of the allegations prior to the news report yesterday.

When asked if he used his position in the Clinton Foundation “to solicit both donations for the foundation as well as for your political organization and your campaign,” McAuliffe evaded by responding, “Well, I didn’t bring the donor in.”

Another reporter interrupted the Virginia governor, saying, “In general. There are more than 100 donors that donated both to the Clinton Foundation as well as your campaign?” (RELATED: FLASHBACK: 120 Clinton Foundation Donors Gave $13.4 Million To Terry McAuliffe’s Campaigns)

“I think we travel the same circles,” McAuliffe said. “I’ve traveled the globe with President Clinton. We have a lot of the same friends. Those that give to the Clinton Foundation have been friends of mine for years and years. We have friendship together.”

McAuliffe later claimed that he reacted in “shock” to the report that he was under federal investigation for campaign finance violations. “As I say, no one had outreached us. You know, you get leaks and things happen in the business, and as I say, I’m very confident this gentleman had been fully vetted… he’s a member of the NYU board. He’s a big contributor to Harvard University, runs a major U.S. company and he’s been fully vetted. You know, our legal team, every check that came in was vetted, and they feel, and they do to this day, very confident that the guy is a legitimate donor. So you know, it’s what you go through.”

“Doesn’t it make it at least more difficult for the Clintons to push away the perception… that there’s a blurring between the lines of the Clinton Foundation’s work and politics?” another reporter asked.

“This has nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation,” McAuliffe said. “This was an allegation of a gentleman who gave a check to my campaign. I didn’t bring the donor in. I didn’t bring him into the Clinton Foundation. I’m not sure if I’ve ever met the person to be honest with you. I know the folks that worked at his company. So it has nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation.”

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