Hillary Interviews Ellen DeGeneres About Vice President Job

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Hillary Clinton asked Ellen DeGeneres if she would serve as Clinton’s running mate when she appeared on DeGeneres’ show Wednesday.

DeGeneres asked Clinton if it would be legal for former President Bill Clinton to serve as her vice president.

Clinton replied, “Well, if you’ve served two terms, it would be hard to do. If you’ve only served one term, I think technically you might be able to, ’cause he served two terms,” Clinton said.

“So he can’t be your vice president?” DeGeneres followed up.

“No,” she answered.

“Actually, I’m here to interview you,” Clinton then said. “I know that you have a lot to contribute, and I would make you really be in charge of returning kindness to America, something that you care a lot about. And you know, try to lift people’s spirits, give them something to be happy about, because your show every day does that for millions of people.”

“I have an old friend — she’s in her late eighties, and she’s had lots of bad health in recent years. She watches you every single day,” Clinton said. “So, I think you could do a lot for the country.”

DeGeneres did not like the idea of moving to Washington, D.C.