MSNBC Applauds Violent Trump Protesters For ‘Expressing Their Humanity’ [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Chris Matthews and a panel of MSNBC guests heaped praise on the violent protesters rioting outside of Donald Trump’s Albuquerque rally early Wednesday morning.


According to Newsbusters, Matthews and Co. applauded the protesters for “accomplishing their goal.” (VIDEO: Mexican Flag-Waving Mob Attacks Police, Horses Outside Trump Rally)

“I see a lot of people expressing their humanity in the face of a candidate who’s really built his candidacy on denouncing their humanity,” stated MTV News’s Jamil Smith. “There are a few people out there who are not actually out there to protest, but at the end of the day, they accomplished their goal. They got on TV, and they got their issues aired.”

noted that the riots took place as a means of

“It’s not like it’s mindless or they just want violence. They’re speaking out against someone who’s really attacking their community,” The Nation’s Joan Walsh said. “I think if you were a Latino immigrant, you would be, frankly, terrified and very angry, and so I can see why we’re going to have another flurry of it.”

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