Persuasion Expert: Hillary’s Attacks On Trump Are An EPIC FAILURE

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Scott Adams, the creator of the cartoon “Dilbert” and a trained hypnotist, says that Hillary Clinton’s slogan “love trumps hate” is “in terms of persuasion, that’s as hard as you can fail.”

Appearing on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper on Wednesday, Tapper asked Adams to respond to his claim that Clinton is “failing at persuading voters,” specifically with her campaign signs.

Adams said, “Yeah, my favorite persuasion failure on the Clinton side was the slogan ‘Love trumps hate.’ Now if you’re a lawyer and your campaign is run by another lawyer, it makes perfect sense. The sentence makes sense, it says what you want it to say.”

“But if you’re a persuader and if you’ve even done a little bit of persuading, you know that there’s a psychological rule that says people hear the first part of a sentence, they put more weight on it and they forget the second part. And the first part is literally ‘Love Trump’ in very big letters,” Adams argued.

“So in terms of persuasion, that’s as hard as you can fail.”

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