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Are You #ManEnough4Hillary?

Joshua Roberts

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I’m not sure I’m really #ManEnough4Hillary. I’m definitely not #DumbEnough2Fall4Trump, but that’s another story.

Is the following really an official Hillary 2016 campaign thing? I hope it is.

She really is gonna blow this, isn’t she? (That’s not what Bill said.)

That’s quite a taunt. “Vote for Hillary or you’re a pussy, ya pussy!” And why not? If Trump doesn’t have to hide his problems with women, why should Hillary hide her deep-seated loathing of men?

If that lumbersexual dude looks familiar, you probably live in Portland and you’re probably experiencing some itching and burning:

For real. The Oregon Health Authority uses the same stock images, apparently:


So it’s goodbye Pajama Boy, hello…

#ClapChap it is.

Now man up, fellas! Grow some stones and march to the voting booth this November, perfectly secure in your masculinity:


(Hat tip: Burge)

P.S. There ya go, it’s Shutterstock. Good work, Team Hillary!