Bully Starts A Fight At School, Gets LIT UP! [VIDEO]

Bullying (Credit: Shutterstock)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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A video on YouTube shows a bully getting absolutely rocked after starting a fight with a kid who clearly wasn’t somebody to be messed with.

The bully, who is dressed in black, approaches another student who is visibly smaller and begins pushing and hitting him. The targeted victim didn’t engage initially, but eventually had enough and dropped his backpack so he could defend himself. (SLIDESHOW: These Scandalous Women Will Make Anybody A Boxing Fan)

What happened next was right out of Ronda Rousey UFC fight.


That’s literally the worst case scenario for any bully. Starts a fight with a guy who looks like he absolutely poses no threat, and next thing he knows the kid is on top of him throwing wicked MMA moves and putting him in an arm bar.

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