Napolitano: ‘Ample Evidence’ To Indict Clinton, Only Lynch Or Obama Could Prevent It [VIDEO]

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Judge Andrew Napolitano says “there is ample evidence to indict” Hillary Clinton and only Barack Obama or Attorney General Loretta Lynch could prevent it by making a “political decision.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “The O’Reilly Factor” on Wednesday, Napolitano explained that the State Department’s IG report on Clinton’s server “directly refutes a statement she has made dozens of times. ‘It was allowed.’ We now know it was not allowed.” (RELATED: State Department IG: Clinton Mishandled Emails, Posed Cybersecurity Risk)

Napolitano said that “Nobody, not the FBI. Not even her own IT people knew about [Clinton’s use of a server while Secretary of State]. Here’s what is new in the report today. Her server in her house in Chappaqua went down a couple of times. And when it went down, the Blackberry wouldn’t work. And the State Department IT people said here, use a state department Blackberry. And she said through her assistant Huma Abedin, no, because we are concerned with the Freedom of Information Act. So, she went dark. And she had documents verbally read to her rather than transmitted to her through the State Department email system.” (RELATED: CNN’s Bash: IG Report Fuels Narrative That Hillary Thinks She Is Above The Rules [VIDEO])

O’Reilly interjected, “So, she was concerned about the Freedom of Information Act knowing what she was doing?” (RELATED: Napolitano: ‘It’s Unheard Of’ To Extradite Clinton Hacker In Middle Of Prison Sentence)

“Yes,” Napolitano replied, “Now, what does this tell the FBI? This shows intent. You don’t have to prove intent when you’re talking about espionage. You can prove it by gross negligence. There is ample evidence of gross negligence. But avoiding the transparency laws shows a consciousness,” as noted by TheBlaze.


Napolitano went on to explain that Clinton’s use of a private email server “absolutely” shows that Clinton made a calculation to try and get around Freedom of Information Act requests, thus helping the FBI’s “argument.” (RELATED: Napolitano: Hillary Is ‘Laughing’ At The FBI)

The Judge said that he believes “there is ample evidence to indict her. And the only way she wouldn’t be is if the President or the Attorney General makes a political decision.” He went on to say that news of a possible indictment would be made public before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

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