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Who Wants To Buy A Gawker?

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If you’re thinking about publishing a sex tape of an ex-wrestler, or anybody else for that matter, here’s a better idea: Don’t.

Claire Atkinson, NY Post:

Gawker Media founder Nick Denton has begun quietly soliciting bids for the sale of his company, The Post has learned.

Denton hired Houlihan Lokey media banker Mark Patricof to advise him on the valuation of the cash-hungry company in the event that he needs to sell it to pay damages to Hulk Hogan, who was awarded $140 million by a Florida jury after Gawker posted a sex video of the wrestling legend, sources said…

While sources couldn’t name the bidder, one possibility is Univision. The Post reported last month that the Spanish-language media giant was eyeing Gawker and had discussed partnering or investing in Denton’s company.

I hope it’s Univision. They’ll take over Gawker and do the job Americans won’t do: Peeping through people’s windows.

Apparently I’m supposed to sympathize with Gawker, now that we know Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit was funded by another Gawker target, billionaire Peter Thiel. Um… why does it matter? Does it mean Nick Denton didn’t do what he did? Does it mean the First Amendment protects his right to publish a sex tape — not just publishing the news that there’s a sex tape, but putting the actual sex tape itself online — without the subjects’ permission?

I’m hearing a lot of this: “Why should Peter Thiel have so much power just because he’s rich?” Well, why should Nick Denton have so much power just because he’s unscrupulous?

Does Hulk Hogan not have a right to privacy, just because he used to wrestle on TV? Does Peter Thiel not have a right to privacy, just because he’s made a lot of money? Should Nick Denton be immune from the consequences of his actions, just because everybody already knows he’s a scumbag?

If you don’t want to end up like Nick Denton, don’t behave like Nick Denton. The First Amendment has nothing to do with it.

I leave you with this long-distance dedication to our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters in the media:

P.S. It’s really annoying when I have to admit Sonny Bunch is right about something: “If the point of Thiel’s suit was to scare other outlets into saying nice things about him, it doesn’t really make much sense that he only revealed his involvement when he was forced to.”