Chuck Todd: ‘The Only Logical Reason’ For Hillary To Use Email System Was To Skirt Federal Law [VIDEO]

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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NBC political director Chuck Todd provided an analysis on Friday of his interview with Hillary Clinton about a recent inspector general report about her emails and concluded that the “only logical reason” for her to use a private email system was to skirt federal records laws.

“She doesn’t have a good answer for these emails,” Todd told his MSNBC colleague Andrea Mitchell.

Todd scored the first live interview with Clinton following a damning State Department inspector general report which showed that she ignored basic security protocol and agency regulations by operating an off-the-books email system. (RELATED: Hillary Struggles To Explain Mysterious Email Chain Cited In Damning IG Report)

Todd also asked Clinton about a Nov. 2010 email exchange she had with her aide Huma Abedin in which she indicated that she did not want to start using a government email account because she did not want to make her personal emails “accessible.”

Asked to explain what she meant by that, Clinton told Todd: “Nobody wants their personal emails made public. That is, I think, a very common if not unanimous feeling among people.”

But the host was not buying, he said in his discussion with Mitchell.

“What was the most logical reason to do this?” Todd asked rhetorically.

“Convenience isn’t it because it’s not a convenient thing to have a server in your house. No, it’s making it so that it’s outside the reach of the federal records law. You cannot look at it any other way. That’s the only logical reason to do it.”

“And Freedom of Information requests,” Mitchell added.


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