Civilians Help Police Officer Subdue Violent Suspect [VIDEO]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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A local Arlington, Texas police officer received help from civilians Tuesday during an arrest of an aggressive suspect and it was all captured on video.

The incident occurred near a local elementary school and Officer Richard Morrison was riding alone, when a citizen waved him down for help with a man who was acting violently towards people,  NBC Dallas reported.

“Saying that there was an individual parked in the middle of the roadway,” Morrison told the NBC affiliate. “He was acting strangely, being aggressive, lunging at vehicles as they were driving by,” noting that the suspect also threatened a woman with a knife.

Morrison eventually caught up with the perpetrator and tased him four times him, when the suspect got out out of his car. The officer repeatedly commanded the man, who was on his stomach, to put his hands behind his back. When the suspect refused to do so, two bystanders walked up and folded the man’s arms behind his back to help Officer Morrison cuff the suspect.

“It’s an honor, of course, to serve the citizens but to have our citizens serve us as well and recognize there’s an officer that needs help, that’s the best feeling in the world,” Morrison later said about the help he received from the two civilians.

“I knew he was by himself, and when I saw the guy get back up after he was being Tased, I was like this might get a lot worse than it should be,” said Andrew Drake, one of the four people who helped Officer Morrison stop the aggressive man.

According to NBC Dallas, a knife and three loaded guns, including an AK47, were found in the the suspect’s car.

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