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Dude Burns Comic Book Because Captain America Is A Nazi, Fails To See The Irony

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Move over, Adolf. There’s a new book-burner in town!

Earlier this week, Marvel Comics capitalized on the box office success of Captain America: Civil War by revealing that ol’ Winghead has totally been a Hydra spy the whole time:


You might not recognize him without his #MAGA hat, but Marvel says that this really is Captain America. Not a clone or an imposter or a Life Model Decoy. He’s not being mind-controlled or coerced. That’s really him, and he really means it. Cap is a damn Nazi.

And now, in a development that will be amusing to anybody who knows anything about the Nazis’ censorship tactics, one young fellow has taken to Twitter to express his extreme displeasure:

It makes sense, when you break down the logic:

1. The Nazis burned books
2. Cap is a Nazi
3. ?
4. Flame on!

Those things aren’t cheap either, man. Good thing he didn’t buy it on his iPad.

Of course, even if this wasn’t an act of ahistorical petulance, it wouldn’t change a thing. The kid already bought it. Marvel already got his money. They don’t care.

Burning cultural objects that make you angry is for Nazis. Please don’t do it.