‘Morning Joe’ Pans Obama For Rattling The World During His Presidency

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough blasted Barack Obama for rattling the world during his presidency while claiming that Donald Trump is rattling world leaders.

Scarborough said, “It is ironic that the president is talking about world leaders being rattled by anybody when you and I — I’m not speaking for you and we haven’t talked about this, but I know you have heard the same thing I have. World leaders have been rattled about Barack Obama since 2009, his lack of engagement, his lack of an overarching policy.”

[dcquiz] “If the president had a criticism of Donald Trump, the better criticism might be ‘after I rattled world leaders for eight years and rattled our allies for eight years, the last thing we want to do is elect somebody that will rattle world leaders for another four years,'” he continued. “I think that might be more accurate, though he might not say that.” (WATCH: Trump: It’s A ‘Good Thing’ World Leaders Are Rattled By Me)

Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations added that Obama “did rattle people. More than anything else it was because of Syria, when the United States set a red line and didn’t act, and it raised fundamental questions about American reliability.”

“And Donald Trump rattles people: his whole approach to alliance relations, you’d almost call it transactional rather than seeing alliances as an existing large relationship. It’s how much are we getting for what we’re giving. And the fact that he’s outside in many ways the traditional foreign policy mainstream, whether about NATO or the question of nuclear proliferation.”

“What the president is hearing and what people like me hear whenever you travel is you have your official meeting, but any free time is taken up with the question” of Trump.

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