Roger Stone: Trump Should Make Ron Paul Head Of The FED [VIDEO]

REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During a Thursday “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit, Donald Trump supporter Roger Stone stated he thinks the Republican nominee should make former Congressman Ron Paul head of the Fed if he wins the general election.


After user “Rynolz” asked Stone if there’s “any chance of Ron Paul being Head of the Treasury” in the Trump Administration, Stone responded he’d “rather see Ron Paul be the head of the FED.”

“That would be my first pick. But uh, you know, Donald Trump has a healthy respect for Ron Paul, based on his own statements,” he added.

Stone noted that despite Trump’s criticism of Paul at CPAC 2011, “Trump has come out in favor of the, auditing The FED,” Paul’s pet issue.

The longtime conservative operative also explained that though Paul has vocally opposed Trump’s rise, his supporters played an important role in helping the real estate mogul earn the Republican nomination. (VIDEO: Ron Paul — ‘I Wouldn’t Vote For Trump’)

“They were among the earlier parts of the party, including the Tea Party. And then a lot of new people, who have never been in the Party before, who formed the Trump Coalition.”

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