This Is The One Thing Trump Believes Will Get Him The Electric Chair [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump revealed one of the situations where he would expect capital punishment to be used: if he said the F-word like the former president of Mexico Vicente Fox.

During a campaign rally in Fresno, California on Friday, Trump retold the story of Fox claiming that he would not “pay for that fucking wall” to which Trump said that if he used that kind of language, he would be given the “electric chair.” (RELATED: Former Mexican President: I’m Not Going To Pay For Trump’s ‘F**king Wall’ [VIDEO])

After initiating crowd interaction part of the campaign rally where Trump says “Who is going to pay for that wall?” and the crowd responds “Mexico,” the Republican nominee said, “Did you see Vicente Fox a couple of weeks ago? … And they asked him, and we’re making progress because two years ago he said, ‘We will never allow a wall.’ Now he said, ‘We will never pay for the wall.’ He doesn’t talk about allowing it.”

Recapping Fox’s interview, Trump said, “‘We will not pay for that’ and then [Fox] gave the F-bomb wall. And I said I said, this is going to blow up, there’s going to be a disaster, I feel so badly for the guy, nobody even talks about it. Can you imagine if I said that? If I said that, I get the electric chair. He said it, you know a past president, nobody even talked about it.”

Imitating Fox, Trump said, “‘I will not and we will not build that F-bomb wall.’ I said the poor guy, he shouldn’t have said that. It’s terrible. Nobody picked it up, nobody cared.”

However, if he did it, Trump said “they will demand that the death penalty be brought back.”

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