An Ammodor Is The Coolest New Product You Never Knew About

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Are you a cigar smoker? If you are, you know how disappointing it is to light up a dry cigar. A humidor is a must-own. But inexpensive ones don’t really work that well and also just look cheap. What to do?

There’s this new product called the Ammodor, and it’s the coolest product you have never heard about until right now. An Ammodor is a so-called “tactical cigar humidor.” What does that mean? Ammodors are made from legitimate U.S. military surplus metal ammunition cans. They are “combat tested humidors and are rugged enough to be tossed around during any outdoor adventure; while sexy enough to be the centerpiece of your office desk.” Seriously awesome. And until June 6, they are on sale at Touch of Modern.

Two of them — “The 50” and “The 30” — are Basic Issue. Here’s the product description:

Ammodor humidors are combat tested and are nearly indestructible. They feature a secure flip open lid with a rubber seal – making them 100% waterproof and air-tight, and they include exterior carry handles and a felt lined bottom to prevent them from scratching tabletop surfaces. The foundation for every handmade Ammodor cigar humidor is an ammo can that has been proudly used by the US Armed Forces, and purchased from government liquidation auctions, thoroughly cleaned, and lined with the highest quality Spanish Cedar.

The 50 is the bigger of the two Basic Issue Ammodors. Its dimensions are 12″L x 6″W x 7.25″H. Normally $124, it is currently $50 off. So, if you smoke a lot of cigars, you should capitalize on the chance to get it from Touch of Modern for a mere $74.99.

The 50 is the bigger Basic Issue model. It is currently 40 percent off (Photo via Touch of Modern)

The 50 is the bigger Basic Issue model. It is currently 40 percent off (Photo via Touch of Modern)

The 50 Basic Issue Ammodor on sale for $74.99

Don’t need something that big? Then you probably want The 30. With dimensions of 11″L x 3.75″W x 7.25″H, this fine humidor is well worth the $99 it normally costs. That fact that it is on sale for $57.99 is absolutely stunning.

The 30 is smaller than The 50 but will suit most people's humidor needs (Photo via Touch of Modern)

The 30 is smaller than The 50 but will suit most people’s humidor needs (Photo via Touch of Modern)

The 30 Basic Issue Ammodor on sale for $57.99

Are you satisfied with your home humidor but in the market for a supplement? Well, you are in luck, because the third Ammidor on sale this week is the First Aid Kit Ammodor. Here’s the product description:

The First Aid Kit Ammodor travel size tactical cigar humidor is built from a repurposed US government issue First Aid Kit boxes and holds up to 10 cigars. The heavy duty plastic container is made in the USA and features two snap closure latches, first aid embossed lettering, and medical symbol graphics on the top lid. It also has a rubber gasket inside to make the100% air tight seal that Ammodors are famous for.

The First Aid Kit Ammodor holds up to 10 cigars, and it is specifically designed for travel. Just think for a moment how indescribably cool it would to go on a business trip with a military-issue first aid kit full of ten perfectly humidified cigars. Now think about the fact that you can get this something that awesome for under $50. Unreal.

The First Aid Kid Ammodor is typically $79 but on sale for $45.99.

The First Aid Kit Ammodor is also over 40 percent off (Photo via Touch of Modern)

Like the Basic Issue Ammodors, the First Aid Kit Ammodor is currently over 40 percent off (Photo via Touch of Modern)

First Aid Kit Travel Ammodor on sale for $45.99

I honestly don’t know how you could know about this invention and not feel compelled to add one to your life. The only reason I can come up with is price, but this deal completely nullifies that line of thinking. It will also save you money in the long run, as your cigars will be safely preserved.

Military-Issue “Ammodors” — on sale for over 40 percent off

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