Kerry Tells Trump: Foreign Policy Is Not A ‘Hotel Business Deal’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest | Media Reporter

Secretary of State John Kerry weighed into Barack Obama’s claim that world leaders are “rattled” by Donald Trump claiming, “We’re not doing a Trump Hotel business deal.”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Wednesday, Kerry said, “seeking to rattle people is not objective number one, most of the time.” (RELATED: Trump: It’s A ‘Good Thing’ World Leaders Are Rattled By Me [VIDEO])

Catching Kerry up with the back and forth between Trump and Obama, Hayes said, “The president used the word ‘rattled’ when he talked about world leaders with respect to Donald Trump. Trump responded by saying it’s good. It’s good they’re rattled.”

“We’re not doing a Trump Hotel business deal,” Kerry said. “These are dealings between nations, based on precedent, based on understandings, based on the trust from one administration to another. This is an ongoing relationship. And when you’re dealing with nuclear weapons and you’re dealing with war and you’re dealing with the life and death choices the president of the United States have to make everyday, seeking to rattle people is not objective number one, most of the time.”

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