Retired Marine To Chris Cuomo: If You’re Being An ‘Idiot,’ I’ll Call You A Sleaze [VIDEO]

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Retired Marine Al Baldasaro, a New Hampshire state representative and Donald Trump supporter, defended Trump calling an ABC News reporter a “sleaze,” saying that he would do the same thing to CNN’s Chris Cuomo if he was being “an idiot.”

Appearing on “New Day” on Wednesday, Cuomo asked Baldasaro, “If I asked you a question right now and you didn’t like it, would you call me sleaze to my face?” (VIDEO: Retired Marine To ‘Liberal’ Media: ‘Get Your Heads Out Of Your Butt’)

“I would if you’re an idiot,” Baldasaro replied.

“How so? If you don’t like my question, you would insult me personally?” Cuomo replied.

“No, no, let me tell you something. The Constitution gives me the right, my First Amendment right,” Baldasaro replied.

Cuomo, interrupted, “Look, having the right to do it and then being right to do it is different. Now you don’t behave that way.”

“But I’m not scared. If somebody treats me like an idiot and calls me names in public, you don’t think I as a Marine or as an individual –”

“You’re asking questions, Al,” Cuomo interrupted, “Just like I’m asking you right now, you’re not going to insult me personally.”

“No, no, I’m not going to insult you, but the thing is the way they attack Donald Trump is unsaid. They have attacked this man over and over who has done nothing but good,” Baldasaro argued. “He’s done so much for veterans. Look what he’s done for the Marine in Mexico. When he got out, he sent him 25 grand to help him.”

Baldasaro was referring to Trump writing a check for $25,000 to Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, a Marine who was in a Mexican jail for 214 days.

Tuesday during his press conference, Trump went off on ABC reporter Tom Llamas, calling him a “sleaze.”

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