Jimmy Kimmel Shuts Down Critics Of His Megan Fox Interview

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jimmy Kimmel just shut down critics who attacked him for asking Megan Fox about hiding her pregnancy from him.

On Wednesday, the talk show host dealt with Huffington Post and other critics who had accused him of crossing a line when he joked with the actress about not being honest with him the last time she was on that she was pregnant. (RELATED: Megan Fox Is Moving Because Her Unborn Baby Told Her To)

Kimmel took to his Twitter account and sent a message to the Huffington Post that had directly attacked him. “Dear Huffington Post — Megan had agreed to discuss this before the show, so fuck off,” he tweeted.


Huffington Post wrote an article attacking Kimmel titled, “Dear Jimmy Kimmel, Megan Fox’s pregnancy is none of your business,” after he did a bit on his show with the actress over whether she “lied to him” when the actress was last on and didn’t show any signs of being pregnant.