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Lawyers For UVA Rape Hoaxer Admit ‘Haven Monahan’ Never Existed

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I mean, come on. “Haven Monahan”? Sounds like a character out of one of those Twilight movies.

Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner:

Lawyers for “Jackie,” the woman who claimed to Rolling Stone that she had been gang-raped at a University of Virginia fraternity party, have finally acknowledged that their client created the fake rapist alleged to have orchestrated the attack.

Jackie’s lawyers, in new court documents filed Tuesday, acknowledged that they had accessed an email account connected to the fake rapist in mid-March. The email account for “Haven Monahan,” the name Jackie gave as her alleged rapist, had been created days after the alleged gang-rape had occurred and a day before the email account sent a love letter to a young man whom Jackie had a crush on.

The lawyers claimed they only accessed the email account to confirm Jackie no longer possessed the documents requested by Dean Nicole Eramo, who is suing Rolling Stone after being negatively portrayed in the article…

Eramo’s attorney told the Washington Post that Jackie’s lawyers had finally admitted to accessing the fake email address, proving that Jackie created Monahan, “a point they’ve refused to answer all along.”

If that’s TL;DR for you, here’s the short version: “Haven Monahan” is allegedly the guy who lured Jackie into the “brutal gang-rape on broken glass.” So how do her lawyers have access to his e-mail account?

Eramo is suing Rolling Stone for $7.85 million. If the Hulk Hogan case is any precedent, and I sure hope it is, she could get even more than that. And then there are the lawsuits from the other victims of this hoax. It cannot be a fun time to work for Jann Wenner.

Jackie’s last name is Coakley, by the way. I don’t understand why her identity is still being protected. That would only make sense if she were the victim here, which she self-evidently isn’t. She told a huge lie alleging a horrible crime, she concocted evidence to support the lie, she roped in an equally irresponsible Rolling Stone writer, and she made a national story out of something that never happened. At any point in the whole fiasco, she could’ve admitted she made it all up. She hurt a lot of people in her bizarre, elaborate attempts to get a young man’s attention, and she could’ve prevented it. She shares the blame with Rolling Stone.

And I hope all the people who defended Coakley’s outrageous story are paying attention. They’re the reason we live in a world where there are strong incentives to lie about rape. 2016 America values victims over everyone else. That’s why a clearly troubled young woman made herself a victim. She wanted to feel special. She wanted to feel important. Crying rape was a shortcut.

Unfortunately, this not only hurts the targets of the hoax, but it makes things that much tougher for actual rape victims. In a world where victimhood is power, it’s all too easy to abuse that power.

On the bright side, at least Jann Wenner is miserable. I don’t know the status of Phi Kappa Psi’s $25 million defamation lawsuit against Rolling Stone, but as a Phi Psi alum, I can’t wait to cheer them on. I hope they end up making Wenner their houseboy.

On second thought, he’d probably like that…

(Hat tip: Twitchy)