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Quote of the Day:

“I don’t see why girls are out here tryna make their lips look like hotdog buns.”

CJ Pearson, teen journo.



Reporter: ‘Most people are assholes’ 

“Most people are really, truly awful, stupid, hypocritical assholes. We need to get rid of the internet. It’s spreading.” — RedState‘s Caleb Howe.

So cute…

“My three-year-old’s classroom has a newsletter. Today’s lede: “We have finished our jam spreading work and moved onto banana slicing.” — The Daily Beast‘s executive editor Noah Shactman.

In case David French needs a reference  

“Bill Kristol says his ideal choice for an independent presidential candidate is David French. I can say with some authority that David French is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”  — Podcaster Ken Rudin, formerly with NPR.

A writer contemplates his period 

“I have no idea how many spaces I normally put after a period. Whichever the cool one is probably.” — Luke O’Neil, writer-at-large, Esquire.

Headline of the Day:

My Man Is Looking A Mess and I’m Not Attracted to Him 

This reader wants to know how to tell her boo he fell off. Awkward.

Ebony Magazine (Read here.)

CJ Ciaramella is no longer with BuzzFeed

Weirdly….he doesn’t mention BuzzFeed at all. Which is a little strange because he even mentions Street Sense. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 9.46.51 PM

“I’m versatile! Places I’ve written: The Awl, Weekly Standard, Daily Beast, Vice, High Times, Street Sense, Vanity Fair, Reason, Salon, WaPo. Free Beacon, Daily Caller, San Diego Union-Tribune, The Federalist … I write features, drug policy, crim justice, Hill stuff, even TAKES.” — CJ Ciaramella, who was BuzzFeed‘s Washington editor for less than a year. The Mirror sought comment from CJ but he did not respond.

On friendship…

“I call all my good friends on the reg to chat it’s so much better than text 90% of the time.” — Taylor Lorenz, The Hill.

This guy has really clinched the media industry with his deep thoughts on Trump 


Reporter heads to the ER

“Back in ER. Same son. 3 months after shattering shoulder, he’s cleared to play soccer again. 20 mins into first practice, stung by bee…Trachea swells shut, frantic drive to hospital. Now sleeping, hooked up to IV and EKG machine. I mean, you could not make this up.” — Mary Louise Kelly, national security correspondent, NPR.

Eavesdrop Café 

“There is a couple sitting next next to me & they’re breaking up bc one has cancer or bc one no longer have cancer. I can’t really hear. Ok I don’t think she has cancer. I think it was a cancer scare that made her think about like (paraphrasing) ‘what I’m doing with my life.'” — Ben Dreyfuss, engagement editor, Mother Jones.