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Piers Morgan Proves He Knows Absolutely Nothing About Guns With A Single Tweet

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Former CNN pundit Piers Morgan proved his ignorance of firearms with a single tweet.

The anti-gun zealot tweeted, “I love how American gun nuts make such a distinction between automatic & semi-automatic guns. Both can kill 200+ people a minute.”

Morgan’s claim, which is double his previous claim on the rate-of-fire, is so far from reality it’s hard to quantify just how wrong he is. It is indeed possible, but highly unlikely, to squeeze the trigger of a gun 200 times if you have a very itchy trigger finger, but there’s absolutely no way you could kill 200 people in 60 seconds with any semi-automatic gun for two main reasons.

1. The AR-15, the weapon Morgan is obsessed with, is mostly used with 30-round magazines, which means you wowuld have to reload seven times in under a minute and hit 95 percent of shots while spraying bullets to kill 200 people in under a minute. Even with a 100-round drum magazine it’s still not possible. Now, imagine the same scenario with a 9mm and 15-round magazines. A shooter would have to reload 14 times without missing. Not possible.

2. Maintaining accuracy while spraying bullets in all directions is not possible. James Holmes attacked a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado with the same strategy Morgan is envisioning, and only killed 12 people over a period much longer than 60 seconds. Anybody who knows anything about hitting your target with a gun knows that there is a direct correlation between rate-of-fire and accuracy.

Perhaps Piers Morgan should attempt to shoot 200 soda cans in under 60 seconds so he can understand the insanity of his claim.

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