RNC’s New Hispanic Communications Director Has An Anti-Trump Past

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Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Helen Aguirre Ferré, the new Hispanic communications director for the Republican National Committee, will be helping Donald Trump take the White House despite her previous open display of disdain for the man.

Ferré is replacing Rene Guerra who, according to The New York Times, left the role due to her being uncomfortable by the fact she’d be working for Trump. Prior the taking this position, Ferré hosted a local television program in Miami and worked as an adviser on Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. Just like Jeb, she has a history of voicing a low opinion of Trump.

Media Matters has discovered 12 deleted tweets by Ferré, two as recent as May 10, that show her displeasure with her new boss. “[Jeb Bush] right to defend Carly Fiorina from [Donald Trump] insults:she,women, & country deserve better,” Ferré tweeted on Sept. 10, 2015.

On May 10, she wrote, “Will Donald Trump drive Miami Cuban Americans from GOP? New poll says yes.”

During the February 13 debate in which Bush and Trump had a spat over former President George W. Bush’s record, Ferré wrote, “Clearly, [Jeb Bush] is in Trump’s head. [Donald Trump] babbling more than usual.”

It wasn’t only on Twitter that Ferré let it be known she didn’t like Trump. She told Univision last month, “I do think there’s something that bothers him about strong and independent women.”

Ferré told The Miami Herald Wednesday her new job is, “in support of all the Republican candidates.”

“I just think that this is one of those years. We always say that every election is so important, but this election — everyone agrees — is particularly unique,” she added.