Former Baylor President Ken Starr Gives Stunning Answer When Asked About Rape Victim [VIDEO]

Ken Starr (Credit: Screenshot/KWTX Video)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Former Baylor president Ken Starr gave some stunning answers when asked about a rape victim e-mailing him personally.

Baylor, Starr and former head coach Art Briles have been embroiled in controversy over their handling of sexual assault claims against football players. (RELATED: Colin Cowherd: Baylor Scandal Wouldn’t Happen In A Big City)

Starr was asked point blank if he saw an e-mail from a student sent to him and Art Briles saying she’d been raped. “I honestly may have. I’m not denying that I saw it,” Starr told KWTX news. (RELATED: Art Briles’ Daughter Comes Out Swinging Against Baylor And His Critics)

However, the interview was quickly interrupted and Starr was rushed away to discuss the question with an aide. When he returned to the cameras he simply answered the same question by saying, “I honestly have no recollection of seeing such an email and I believe that I would remember seeing such an email. The president of a university gets lots of emails. I don’t even see a lot of the emails that come into the office of the president. I have no recollection. None.” (RELATED: Former Baylor Coach Art Briles Breaks His Silence After Getting Fired)


It looks like the Baylor scandal won’t be out of the news anytime soon.

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