Governor Of Florida Says He Wouldn’t Accept VP Spot From Trump

REUTERS/Steve Nesius

Alex Pappas Political Reporter

A supporter of the New York businessman’s candidacy, Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott said Friday he does not want to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

When asked on CNN by Wolf Blitzer if he would consent to being vetted for vice president if Trump asked, Scott said: “I’ll say no. I’m going to pass. I like this job.”

“I worked hard to get this job,” Scott said. “I love the 20 million people who live in my state, and the hundred million tourists, I’m gonna do my best my last two years to make sure this is the number one place in the world for jobs, education and publics safety.”

A businessman before being elected governor in 2010, Scott has been mentioned as a possible running mate for Trump because of his support for the candidate and because he governs an important swing state.

Scott ruling himself out as vice president comes after The Washington Post reported this week that the Florida governor plans to travel to New York to meet with Trump on Monday. Scott says the meeting is to talk about the election in Florida.

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