Howard Dean: VP Pick Needs To Be Young To Make Up For Hillary’s Age [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean wants Hillary Clinton to pick a running mate who is under 50 years old because he says “the baby boomers have run this country for too long.”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Dean Friday if Clinton should pick Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be her running mate.

[dcquiz] “Certainly somebody like that would be very helpful. I strongly believe that we ought have somebody under 50 on the ticket,” Dean said. “I think the baby boomers have run this country for too long.”

“We stepped away from that with Barack Obama. We don’t normally go back a generation. We’re going to have two baby boomers running for president on the Democratic and the Republican side,” he continued. “So I would like somebody very much who is not in the baby boomer generation, who’s in this new, upcoming generation. The younger the better.”

“Ideologically, I think Elizabeth Warren is terrific. I just would like to see a new generation brought into Democratic Party politics. There are plenty of qualified young people who could be vice president,” Dean suggested.

Clinton is 68 years old, Sen. Bernie Sanders is 74 years old and Warren is 66 years old.

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