Trump Protester Admits His Family Came To US Illegally, Says ‘No Reason To Respect The Laws’ [VIDEO]

Fox News

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During Thursday’s broadcast of “Hannity,” a young man protesting Donald Trump in San Jose admitted to Fox News correspondent Jonathan Hunt that his family came to America illegally and claimed “there’s no reason” for him to respect U.S. immigration laws.


“I come from an immigrant family, and it pisses me off to hear somebody say stuff like that,” the protester said of Donald Trump’s immigration rhetoric. “You know, because it hits home.”

“Your family, I assume, immigrated legally here?” Hunt asked.

“Yeah, my family immigrated illegally,” the protester responded. “And my family is a good working people. … They came here so I could have a good future, and I got accepted to college and stuff like that.”

Next, Hunt asked, “Do you think that people should respect the laws of the United States and the sovereignty of the United States?”

He explained that “I think people should — if we are being oppressed, we shouldn’t respect the laws, because then there’s no reason to respect the laws. … That’s the resistance.”

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