Woman Goes BERZERK When Store Declines Her Food Stamps [VIDEO]

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A large woman destroyed a convenience store after having her food stamp benefits card declined, according to a video uploaded to Live Leak Thursday.

“Call the police, call the police,” the unnamed woman says repeatedly in the video as she lumbers around the store causing havoc. “Call the police. Do your job, do your job.”

The woman had already knocked some food on the floor before one patron decided to start filming the incident. She appears belligerent as she repeats inaudible and barely audible statements. The woman walks with a limp from an apparent injury as she threw food around. She even throws an empty container of Cheetos at a man who tried to calm her down.

A small crowd slowly gathered around her but were unable to stop the rampage. She lunges at some candy and snacks, before a store worker manages to grab her. The worker gets her outside the store with the help of some patrons. The video ends by showing the floor covered in candy and snacks.


The unnamed woman began destroying the convenience store after her Electronic Benefits Transfer card was declined. The cards are the main way food stamp recipients are able to access their benefits. They work like a personal debit cards, except they can only be used to purchased authorized items like food and basic necessities.

The food stamp program is the largest food assistance welfare service in the country. The Department of Agriculture (USDA) administers the program in coordination with state agencies. The USDA estimates the program has increased from 17 million participants in 2000 to nearly 47 million in 2014.

The improved economy has helped decrease the number of participants in recent years. The Congressional Budget Office found, since participation hit its peak in December 2012, the number of people receiving benefits has declined by more than 1.5 million. States have also begun implementing work requirements which were waived in response to the last recession.

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