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Now that it’s June, Father’s Day is rapidly approaching. Specifically, Dad’s big day is the 19th. That might seem like a while from now, but you know how the early summer goes. Father’s Day will be here in no time, and you don’t want to find yourself empty-handed.

Here are three great gift ideas:

UrbanExec Socks

Dad’s love funky socks. It’s a rule. Presumably, they also like comfort. UrbanExec provides the perfect marriage of those preferences.

You won’t wear a more comfortable sock than these. What’s more: These knee-high socks simply won’t fall down. Everyone hates the gradual slump of socks down to the ankle that occurs in a given day. The day I first put on UrbanExecs sockwear was an otherworldly experience. No reaching to fix them all throughout the day. And the smooth microfiber fabric makes them too desirable to take off.

UrbanExec offers fun socks in a variety of colors and patterns. (The orange diamond is particularly intriguing). The must-have this Father’s Day, however, comes via the UrbanExecs political line:

These GOP socks are a great Father's Day gift (Photo via Urban Exec)

These GOP socks are a great Father’s Day gift (Photo via UrbanExec)

They will go well with Donald Trump socks you got Dad for his birthday last month.

UrbanExec Socks are “Buy Two, Get One Free” until June 20 with the promo code DADSR#1.

Related Garments

This is an out-of-the-box idea for sure. Related Garments make matching socks and underwear. It’s probably not a gift you would actually get your pop. But for wives looking for a way to thank the man who sired her children, this could be a good option.

Related Garments sell matching socks and underwear (Photo via Related Garments)

Related Garments sell matching socks and underwear (Photo via Related Garments)

Related Garments range from $30 to $40 on Amazon

Starting at $29 on relatedgarments.com

Mission Belt

This might be the coolest item on this list, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a big “Shark Tank” fan. You know that Dad could definitely use a new belt, so why not Mission Belt? The founder of Mission Belt decided to simplify the classic belt design to make a sleek new product. There are no holes, and the clasp is tight and easy. If your father is a sports fan, they have licensed belts for NCAA, NBA and NHL squads. You have to admit those are pretty nifty.

Once you start wearing a Mission Belt, you'll never go back (Photo via Amazon)

Once you start wearing a Mission Belt, you’ll never go back (Photo via Amazon)

Mission Belts — $20 to $50 on Amazon

Mission Belts — from $34.95 at missionbelt.com

WATCH Mission Belt on Shark Tank:

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