Roger Stone Addresses ‘Reports That Donald Trump Is Gay’ [VIDEO]

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Jamie Weinstein Senior Writer
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Roger Stone wants you to know that Donald Trump is so not gay.

Appearing on the streets of Austin, Texas on Friday with conspiracist radio host Alex Jones, Stone claimed that he had recently been approached by a Washington Post reporter to address several rumors about Trump.

According to Stone, a longtime political confidante of Trump’s and famed “dirty trickster” political operative, the unnamed Washington Post reporter first asked him about Trump’s alleged use of cocaine.

“Completely bogus,” Stone said. “Did I ever attend parties where Donald Trump used cocaine? Folks, Donald Trump has never used drugs in his life. The man doesn’t even take aspirin.”


Stone said the reporter then asked him about two different potential Trump sex scandals.

“Did he have girlfriends on the side, today or previously?” Stone claimed he was asked. “The answer is no. Yes, during the time he was unmarried, he was a ladies man. He did date many beautiful models, but the answer is no.”

It is well known that Trump did have at least one girlfriend on the side during his first marriage to Ivana Trump, Marla Maples. Maples later became Trump’s second wife.

Stone said he also denied to the Washington Post “reports” that Trump is actually a homosexual.

“Lastly, she wanted to know what about the reports that Donald Trump is gay,” he said. “Folks, there is no report Donald Trump is gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but he is a red-blooded American male and he is most definitely heterosexual.”

Opening his interview with Stone, Jones claimed the Washington Post’s story was coming out in two days and would be “dealing with a Trump sex scandal.”

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