NBC News Reporter: ‘Growing Internal Dissent’ Within Trump’s Campaign [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During Monday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe,” NBC News correspondent Katy Tur stated there is “growing internal dissent” within Donald Trump’s campaign over the presumptive nominee’s “outrageous,” “controversial,” and “racist comments.”

“I’ve heard there’s growing internal dissent,” host Joe Scarborough posed to Tur.

“Absolutely,” she responded. “For the first time, I’m hearing inside the campaign, the same things that I’ve been hearing outside the campaign.”

“I’m hearing aides say that this is extraordinarily frustrating to them, that they believe these are the sort of things that will end up sinking this campaign,” she added. “The biggest hurdle right now is the candidate himself, because he says what he wants, no matter what they do behind the scenes.”

Mediaite noticed that Trump was quick to criticize Tur’s report on Twitter.

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