No Endorsement For Hillary From Al Gore Yet [VIDEO]

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Former Vice President Al Gore is the final uncommitted Democratic superdelegate in his home state of Tennessee, the Associated Press reported Monday.

The Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini, who is also a superdelegate, told the AP she is supporting Hillary Clinton over Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, which makes Gore the last uncommitted superdelegate in the state party.

It is unknown why Gore, who served as Bill Clinton’s vice president, did not support Bill’s wife Hillary right away.

At least four times in the past year, Politico reported back in November, Gore passed up the chance to endorse the former first lady and Secretary of State. At the time, an aide said he would stay out of the primary until his party chose a nominee.

However, others in the Democratic Party say Gore’s reluctance to endorse Clinton has more to do with their rocky history with one another.

“They have a lot of history. More than the average bear,” one Democratic source close to Gore told Politico.

Democratic superdelegates can choose whom they want to cast their votes for during the party convention as opposed to other delegates who must vote according to the results of their home state.

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