NYC Spends $265,000 Encouraging Men To Use Women’s Bathrooms

YouTube screenshot/Rutherford Nucleus

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New York City’s Commission on Human Rights is spending $265,000 on a new bilingual ad campaign encouraging residents to use the bathroom “consistent with who you are.”

The campaign began on Monday and features ads in both Spanish and English. A spokesman for the city told The Daily Caller that NYC is spending $265,000 on the ad campaign.

One of the ads features an African-American man wearing women’s clothing and a blond wig, with the caption: “Look past pink and blue. In NYC, you can use the bathroom consistent with who you are.” Another ad features the same language but uses a bearded woman instead of the man.

At the bottom of each ad is the phrase: “It’s the law. No questions asked.” The city is promoting the campaign with the hashtag #BeYouNYC


Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted out a picture of one of the ads, with the caption: “Which bathroom to use? The one you choose. In NYC, it’s not just a right — it’s the law. #BeYouNYC.”


The city’s website advertises the campaign as “the nation’s first government-led citywide ad campaign affirming every New Yorkers’ right to use the bathroom consistent with their gender identity, regardless of their gender assigned at birth.”

TheDC previously reported on how NYC employers and businesses are required to respect and affirm a mininum of 31 different gender identities. Those who don’t face fines of up to $250,000.

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