White House Whitewashes Press Briefing Answer On Lying About Iran Deal YouTube

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The official White House transcript of the May 9, 2016 press briefing does not contain press secretary Josh Earnest’s admission that the Obama administration lied to the American public about the Iran nuclear deal.

According to ABC News, Fox News reporter Kevin Corke asked Earnest, “Can you state categorically that no senior official in this administration has ever lied publicly about any aspect of the Iran nuclear deal?” (RELATED: Here’s The Moment The White House Admitted They Lied About The Iran Nuclear Deal [VIDEO])

Video recordings of the press briefing clearly feature Earnest’s response of “No, Kevin” however, the official White House transcript does not.

Screen Grab of Official White House Transcript of May 9th, Press Briefing Taken on 6-6-2016

Screen Grab of the official White House transcript of the May 9th press briefing (Taken on 6-6-2016)

Instead of including Earnest’s damning remarks, the transcript moves on to include the rest of what his answer, excluding the the “No, Kevin” remark.


This is at least the second instance of editing of transcript and/or video by the Obama administration that has come to light recently. (RELATED: State Dept. Official Took ‘Deliberate Steps’ To Delete Video From Iran Press Briefing)

Last week, the State Department acknowledged that an official in the Department ordered the editing of another Fox News reporter’s question asking then-State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki whether anyone inside the Obama administration has misled the American people about the Iran nuclear agreement negotiations. (RELATED: Here’s How Carefully Tended White House Propaganda Sold The Iran Deal)

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