Almost 40% Of Bisexual Females In America’s Sociology Classes Say They’ve Been Sexually Assaulted

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A study published this month in an obscure academic journal shows that almost 40 percent of bisexual female college students enrolled in sociology courses at America’s colleges claim to have endured some form of sexual assault during their four years on campus.

The study appears in the June issue of “Violence and Gender.” The study authors are Jessie Ford and José G. Soto-Marquez, Ph.D. students in the sociology department at New York University.

According to the study, a whopping 37.8 percent of bisexual female college students enrolled in sociology classes have self-reported some sexual assault during their college years. Among heterosexual women in sociology classes, the figure is 24.7 percent. Heterosexual men in sociology classes report sexual assault at a clip of 12.2 percent. Gay men and bisexual men in sociology classes report such victimization at 24.3 percent and 17.7 percent, respectively. And fully 11.4 percent of lesbian women in sociology classes say they have been the victims sexual assault as college students.

“We cannot tolerate the sexual assault of any group of men or women on our college campuses,” said “Violence and Gender” editor-in-chief Mary Ellen O’Toole in a statement to academic-study website Eureka Alert.

The study by Ford and Soto-Marquez purports to show that all women suffer — and men — suffer these outrageous incidences of sexual assault.

However, nearly all the students who completed the “self-administered” online surveys were enrolled in sociology classes. Thus, obviously, the students who completed the survey were almost exclusively students who had chosen to enroll in sociology courses.

All of the students received “extra credit” for completing the surveys as well.

Ford and Soto-Marquez admit that this “nonrepresentativeness” of students could be perceived as a problem. They are not concerned, however, because “approximately 90% of respondents were not sociology majors.”

A second serious weakness is that the study contains no new information. The Ph.D. students recycle the set of “self-administered” surveys, which was completed from 2005 to 2011 by undergraduate students on 21 campuses.

The two junior researchers admit that a better sample “would be ideal” but, they insist, “no other datasets are currently available with as much information on student demographics and college sexual assault.”

The overwhelmingly female survey sample offers a clue concerning the bias inherent in the self-selected sample of sociology students. “Survey includes 6,109 heterosexual men and 13,775 heterosexual women,” Ford and Soto-Marquez observe. Thus, among heterosexuals, almost 70 percent of the students who chose to complete the online surveys were female.

The periodical “Violence and Gender” has been around since 2013 and seeks to “explore the difficult issues that are vital to threat assessment and prevention of the epidemic of violence.”

A 2010 study found that 44 percent of America’s lesbian woman and fully 61 percent of the nation’s bisexual women claim to have suffered some form of sexual assault. (RELATED: Why Are America’s Lesbians Beating The Crap Out Of Each Other?)

It’s not clear why gay or bisexual women would be suffering sexual violence — or any violence — at astronomical rates. Earlier this year, though, a gay Central Michigan University professor pleaded guilty for falsely claiming that a random guy at a Toby Keith concert called her a “cross-dressing fag,” punched her in the face and spat on her. (RELATED: Lesbian Professor Cold-Cocked HER OWN FACE Then Swore Random Guy Beat Her Up At Toby Keith Concert)

The professor, Mari Poindexter, had alleged that the man approached her at the Aug. 19 concert at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mount Pleasant, Mich. and began hurling a rich tapestry of obscene slurs.

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