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For a while now, AUKEY has been known for its chargers and power banks, which are highly regarded in the tech world. But AUKEY makes other products in the realm of tech and consumer electronics, as well. We at the Daily Dealer reviewed three of those products, each of which is currently on sale at AUKEY’s Amazon store.

EP-B4 Bluetooth Headphones

The Bluetooth headphones market has exploded recently, and AUKEY has jumped into the fray. The EP-B4 Bluetooth headphones are sweat-proof and are great at staying in your ears while engaging in an active lifestyle. They also work well for more sedentary activity. Everyday at work, I would put them in to listen to music whenever my iPhone would need charging around midday. According to the product description, the battery lasts 4.5 hours during playtime, but I found it to last longer. The noise isolation technology is also legitimate. There are some loud voices around the Daily Caller offices, and these headphones have been great for tuning them out when necessary. They also have a microphone component, such that you can make handsfree phone calls. Usually $27.99, these headphones are currently on sale for only $17.99.

AUKEY Bluetooth headphones are 36 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

EP-B4 Bluetooth headphones are 36 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

AUKEY EP-B4 Bluetooth Headphones on sale for $17.99

EP-B20 Bluetooth Headphones

While the EP-B4 headphones can be used for either active or casual situations, the EP-B20 are designed for more stationary situations. Idle relaxation and commuting both come to mind. The audio is as “crystal clear” and “ultra-crisp” as advertised. My boss had high-praise for the sound quality, as well as for the fact that “the buttons were in the right place,” which is important for easily controlling the headphones while driving. Like the EP-B4, the EP-B20 also is equipped with a microphone. Usually $39.99, these headphones are currently on sale for $27.99.

The EP-B20 Bluetooth headset is 30 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

The EP-B20 Bluetooth headset is 30 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

AUKEY EP-B20 Bluetooth Headphones on sale for $27.99

CC-S1 Car Charger

AUKEY’s CC-S1 Car Charger contains two USB ports, each with charging speeds of up to 2.4 amps. It can charge both devices – anything from smartphones to tablets – simultaneously, at whatever speeds they require. This car charger more than gets the job done as far as charging goes. Its biggest selling point though is just how small and elegant it is, something I did not fully understand until I saw it. It measures 1.4 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches, which is about half the length of a pinky finger and half the width of a thumb. Unlike clunky car chargers that take up a lot of space, AUKEY’s model is light and very portable. Its second biggest selling point is its price. Usually $40, it can currently be had for just $12.99, an amazing deal.

This AUKEY car charger is 68 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

This AUKEY car charger is 68 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

AUKEY CC-S1 Car Charger on sale for $12.99

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