Bruce Campbell Sets Record Straight On ‘Bloody’ Trump Supporter Photo

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Bruce Campbell took to social media to set the record straight about a picture of a “bloody” Donald Trump supporter.

On Tuesday, the 57-year-old actor and director posted on his Twitter account that the picture of a so-called Trump supporter that had blood on her face after allegedly being attacked was an actor and the “blood” was just make-up and part of a test for his show “Ash vs Evil Dead,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. (RELATED: Petition: Springsteen’s ‘Deeply Held Beliefs’ Grant Him A ‘Right To Refuse Service’ [VIDEO])

“Check your facts, folks,” he tweeted. “This is an actress named Samara Weaving from AshVsEvilDead. This is a make-up test. Sad.”


The tweet he was responding to came from this site and was shared over 600 times. It read, “Here’s what happened to female Trump supporter when she met ‘peaceful’ and ‘tolerant’ liberals.”