TEXAS CHRISTIAN FIGHT CLUB: Staffer Drove Feuding Workers To Park To Pummel Each Other, Cops Say

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An administrator at Texas Christian University ordered a couple of bickering maintenance workers to either quit their jobs or settle their long-running dispute with an old-fashioned rumble, according to a police report.

The maintenance workers — and the Texas Christian administrator — then drove together in the administrator’s truck to nearby Trinity Park. That’s where the workers “engaged in mutual combat,” police say.

The notably unchristian incident occurred on Friday morning, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Prior to Friday’s melee, the quarrel between the two workers had been simmering for about 18 months.

The unidentified administrator told the workers during a meeting in his office that they could “fight it out” or resign, the police report said.

The fistfight itself was a one-sided affair, police say. In a nutshell, one of the maintenance workers slugged the other one a bunch of times in the face.

After the battle royale, the three men returned to the administrator’s office at the TCU physical plant. The workers then went to their homes, police say.

The maintenance worker who lost the fight then broke the first rule — and the second rule — of Fight Club by contacting police.

A detective who interviewed the maintenance workers noted that the man who allegedly won the fight had no tell-tale marks on his hands, notes local NBC affiliate KXAS-TV.

The detective told the men they could be charged with disorderly conduct.

A TCU spokeswoman told the Star-Telegram that school officials know about the incident. She said she didn’t know if anyone would be punished.

Trinity Park, the site of the brawl, is a 252-acre public park in Fort Worth featuring a river, a pond, trails and playgrounds.

The park is the 22nd-best attraction in all of Fort Worth — just ahead of the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, according to

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