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Philips is one of the largest and most storied electronics companies in the world. They have been making electric shavers for nearly 80 years. Needless to say, they’ve gotten pretty good at it.

One of their most popular shavers used to be called the Aquatec AT830/41. Now, they’ve rebranded it the Shaver 4500 (which is, admittedly, much catchier). Normally a $90 product, it is on sale today for only $49.99.

Regardless of the name, people love this shaver. It has a 4.3 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. I could try to sum up customer enthusiasm, but instead I’ll share Pianopal’s review on the topic, titled “Best Shaver Ever:”

I have a difficult beard–it’s tough and the hairs grow slightly sideways so I have to pull the skin to the side with one hand to get them to stand up. When I first started shaving I used a blade and had to finish up by pulling it against the grain to get a smooth result. But my skin would get irritated and break out, so I went to a Remington electric. Since that time I have had several Remingtons, a Braun, and this is my third Norelco. I have used it every day now for several months, and it is the best one I’ve ever had.

I was going to reward myself with the most expensive “3-D” model but several things made me choose this one. First, the 3-D uses what looks like a more advanced shaver head, but all of the higher end models just below that (including the 2-D) use the HQ-8 heads, so I didn’t think the difference in performance would be all that noticeable considering the premium price. Plus the 3-D apparently flexes every which way but Sunday, but this one flexes way more than enough, so I didn’t see an advantage significant enough to justify the higher price.

Second, to use the trimmer on the Norelcos with a “neck” (like the 2 and 3-D) you have to snap it on as an extra accessory. One of my other Norelcos was like that and it was always a minor annoyance. The integrated pop-up trimmer on this model is so much handier and has the perfect angle for trimming even nose and ear hair as well as sideburns.

Third, my older Norelco had a charging stand and it was a major annoyance. Lightweight and cheap, the shaver sat in it awkwardly and would tip over if you weren’t careful. It was a pain to travel with it as well. It is so much handier to just plug the cord into the shaver and let it charge that way.

Finally, I got the Aquatec model, not because I use it to shave wet, but because it is easy to clean by just holding it under running water. Some have complained that you can’t use it with a cord (I assume that is so you don’t electrocute yourself while shaving wet), but there are plenty of warning lights when the battery is running low. Also charging doesn’t take that long (in an emergency you can get a quick five-minute shave with only a five-minute charge) and lasts for a good while (I have only had to recharge the shaver once so far).

Some have complained that the heads are surrounded by a border that keeps the cutters from close places like around the nose. I know what they mean, but a bit of extra pressure gets them into the corners and it is certainly not even close to a deal breaker for me.

In short, this is the best shaver I have ever owned. I still have a high-end Braun and it does a good job as well. But it is noisy and doesn’t pick up longer, twisted, or stray hairs as well. So, I highly recommend this Norelco as the best combination of price and performance in the entire line.

Crazy to think that Pianopal wrote that last line — “the best combination of price and performance” — when the shaver cost $89.99. Today only, you can double down on that combination and get the “best shaver ever” for under $50.

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