Rex Ryan Is Actually Trying To Recruit LeBron To Play Tight End For The Bills [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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The Cleveland Cavaliers are two games away from having their season coming to an end, but here’s some good news for LeBron James.

If he wants to, looks like King James could pick up a new hobby over the offseason.

On Wednesday, Buffalo Bills head coach — and noted crazy person — Rex Ryan actually addressed the possibility of LeBron suiting up for the Bills.


“I don’t know a whole lot about [basketball],” Ryan said in a press conference. “But that big ol’ rascal can come play tight end for us, if he wants to.”

“I think it would work out well,” he continued. “You look at him. He’s physical. Unbelievable. Look at the range. There’s nobody that can cover him. There’s no way you can cover him. Fast, physical. We’ll give it a shot.”

Sounds good, Rex. Sky’s the limit.

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